Our Mission

A glass lightbulb with soil and a little plant inside. Our Mission by Ethical Swag

Building a Different Kind of Business

We started Ethical Swag to give you trusted, easy to find options that best reflect your brand values. It's hard to know when green washing is going on - we get it. So we set out to create a different kind of business.

As a Certified B Corporation, we opened up and were audited to a global sustainability standard so that you know you can trust us. It's important to us because it's not what you say, but what you do, that matters. We have built into our DNA a focus on people, planet and profit.

We have set out to be wildly successful, so we can use that success to have an impact on our staff, our clients, our communities and our world. We invite you to be a part of that!

We are a carbon neutral company, having purchased off-sets for all of our shipments, office practices and corporate travel.

Our team takes Diversity and Inclusion Training as part of our on-boarding process, we provide professional development opportunities to all staff and encourage volunteering in the community.

Using business as a force for good is what B Corporation's are all about. If you are new to B Corps, you can find out more here. It is a global movement with a rigorous certification process so that you can be confident when working with us.

Swag should be fun and so should working with and for a swag company! If you want more info on what we are up to, just ask.