How to Order

Placing your order at Ethical Swag is very easy! We've created a platform where you can conveniently browse our wide selection of swag. Use filters to find swag that meets your unique criteria. You can add your favourite items to a wishlist and even generate an instant estimate to present to your team, or save it for later.

But unlike a traditional online store, all of our products are carefully curated to best fit your needs.

You are able to customize your swag online based on your artwork, color of items and sizes for clothing, for it all to perfectly suit your needs. After your order is placed, one of our knowledgeable team members will be assigned to your order and work with you to ensure all the important details of your order are how you want them to be, before your order heads off to production.

Below is a simple explanation of how to order on Ethical Swag.


Note that by submitting an order, you are not committing to buy. You also don't have to pay anything until all your virtual proofs are approved and sent to production.

Our team will work with you to make sure it is all perfect before any payment is required!