Awards & Nominations

2022 National Conference WBE Rising Star Finalist Ethical Swag

2022 - WBE Canada Excellence Awards - WBE Rising Start Finalist

We are thrilled to announce that we has been selected as a finalist for the WBE Rising Start as part of WBE Canada’s 2022 Excellence Awards! The awards will be presented at WBE Canada‘s 2022 National Conference: ROADMAP TO SUCCESS in Toronto, Ontario on November 10, 2022. Stay tuned for more updates.


Technopreneur Award of the Year Announcement

2021 - Technopreneur of the Year Award

Canadian SME’s Technopreneur of the Year Award recognizes and rewards small and medium-sized business owners who have made innovative use of technology to find creative solutions to the challenges they face. Because enterprises of this size typically lack the capital to implement the most expensive new tech solutions, the organization seeks to recognize businesses that combine technology with outside-the-box thinking to minimize costs while creating opportunities for growth. By rewarding innovation, CanadianSME hopes to inspire more business leaders to integrate technological solutions into their everyday practices.

Ethical Swag is deeply honored to have received this award. As a sustainability-focused company, we always have an eye on the future, and are always looking for ways to leverage technology to bring about positive change. Our penchant for looking at the big picture has frequently put us ahead of the curve: before the pandemic had made remote work the norm, we had already implemented a working model based around video conferencing and cloud sharing. Because sustainability is just as much about the people as it is about the planet, we use this model to give employees the flexibility and autonomy they need to develop a healthy work-life balance. At the same time, this model also makes us an exceptionally agile organization, which has enabled us to experience consistent growth.

Beyond structuring the way we work within our organization, technology also plays a critical role in our dealings with clients. We use technology at every stage of the purchasing process, from order to delivery, to ensure that each transaction upholds our commitment to sustainability. We also connect clients with the latest in sustainable tech, helping them get their employees excited about sustainable living. As Ethical Swag continues to grow, we plan to keep technology at the core of our business.


Ethical Swag Receiving the nomination for the Exporter of the Year CBRM Chamber of Commerce

Deb MacPherson from our Production team receiving the Exporter of the Year nomination from the Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce

2021 - Beyond Borders Exporter of the Year Award

Cape Breton Chamber of Commerce’s Excellence in Business Awards, the Beyond Borders Exporter of the Year Award recognizes a business that has contributed to the export strength of Cape Breton Island by succeeding in out-of-province markets. It recognizes businesses that have gone above and beyond by creating opportunities within the Cape Breton community by establishing connections with other economies in Canada and throughout the world.

Ethical Swag was recognized as a finalist for this award because we have deep ties to the Cape Breton community while simultaneously maintaining a global reach. Many of the products we export are assembled at the Breton Ability Centre (BAC), a nonprofit organization that provides housing, employment, and health-related services to individuals of varying ability levels living in Cape Breton. In the 45 years since its founding, the BAC has become a pillar of the Cape Breton community, and we are honoured to support their mission of creating a vibrant, inclusive local economy.  

By helping provide vocational experience and training to these individuals, Our support of both nonprofit and for-profit organizations in the Cape Breton area has helped strengthen the Island’s community on a number of levels. As we continue to grow and reach more markets, we will be able to do even more to establish Cape Breton as a strong region with which to do business. The results we’ve achieved are the perfect encapsulation of our belief in the power of business to be a force for good, and we believe that this good will only be multiplied moving forward.