Top Ten Gifts for a Wasteless Wishlist

Image Credit: Photo by Ethical Swag

Swag You Can Stand Behind

We think swag should do two things.
1. Tell your story
2. Reflect your values

Every day, we work with ambitious teams to find the right-fit products they’re proud to keep on their desks and wear on their sleeves. All year, we’ve watched the orders come in as employees take their pick. A few winners emerge–think Dad caps, tote bags, and water bottle dreams.

We only work with suppliers that have passed strict, third-party audits for social compliance and environmental impact–you can trust anything that catches your eye. Browse through our Top Ten Gifts for a Wasteless Wishlist and head to our website to place an order. Our Good, Better, Best pricing works for any budget–no judgment–and our easy e-commerce platform makes it as intuitive as shopping online. Once you’ve finalized all the details of your order, we print your custom designs and ship directly to you.  If you’re looking for assembled gifts that reflect your brand values, we have you covered.  We can kit your swag pack, and drop-ship to your clients or employees directly.  Pick a Swift Swag option if you’re more of a last-minute gifter, and get it delivered in 10 business days (not available for swag packs and drop-shipping).

Here are our top picks!

1. Hermus Organic Cotton Slide Buckle Dad Hat

Dad Cap Dreams: Calm, Cool, Collected


We’ve entered the era of the Dad Cap, and the Hermus is the best of the best. An organic, all-cotton embodiment of American craftsmanship, this product is made in the heart of Newark, NJ, in a sprawling 70,000-square-foot facility that’s undergone rigorous auditing. It’s the result of the hard work of over 175 Union Workers who take pride in producing high-quality, sustainable products. Wear it proud, wear it relaxed.

2. Flip-Lid Mint Tin

A Pocket-Sized Powerhouse


This branded flip-lid mint tin is a true fan favorite. Sport your company logo in full color on these durable metal containers, and keep your team #MintyFresh after coffee and bagels in the breakroom. Inexpensive to order, easy to ship, and a breath of fresh air for your team.

3. Herschel 100% Cotton Backpack

Equip the Everyday

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your values on your back; this backpack from Hershel is made by a team that invests serious resources into social causes. Cost competitive, It’s a lightweight, in-trend washed cotton fabric that prioritizes sustainable elements–a minimalist design that does no harm. Add your logo and enjoy convenient storage and style for a life on the go.

4. Combed Cotton Custom Socks

Step by Step

Walk the walk with premium comfort. These are fully-knitted socks that are proudly made in the USA with durable, soft, and sustainable materials. Each pair supports a 100% customized design. The best part? This supplier holds third-party accreditations and reflects our commitment to making big business better for people and the planet–all at a competitive price point. Step up your sock game. #FeelGood #DoGood

5. Clair Recycled PET Water Bottle

#Transparent #Hydrated

With a transparent, logo-ready body and a lid crafted from FSC-certified bamboo, this is the kind of branded bottle you want to keep out on your desk. Made with GRS-certified, post-consumer recycled plastic, this is #SustainableSwag. Give new life to materials that would otherwise fill up the landfills and keep your eco-conscious team members hydrated. Cheers to a greener, cleaner future–one bottle at a time.

6. Grosche Stovetop Espresso Maker

That First Sip Feeling


Elevate your morning with the Stovetop Espresso Maker, designed for all those who love to wake up and #Caffenate. This non-toxic Italian design has a heat-resistant handle and knob for real coffee aficionados. And it’s not just the brew, it’s the do-good too. The North American supplier is a Certified B Corp that invests in rigorously audited social giving projects. Taste the difference!

7. Whistler 100% Recycled Pet Fleece Blanket

Cozy up!

Your wind-down just got a whole lot cozier. The Whistler is a super soft, 150gsm recycled fleece blanket. Customize it with your logo -- the perfect couch companion.

Through a partnership with 1% for the Planet, a share of every profit is donated to nonprofits dedicated to environmental protection. Lay back, kick your feet up, make an impact.

8. Hydro Flask Carol Wide Mouth Flex Cap

32 oz of Advocacy


A fan-favorite. Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors, working from home, or hustling into the office, the 32 Oz. Hydro Flask® Water Bottle has you covered for 24 icy cold hours. Hydro Flask founded the Parks for All program to support on-the-ground nonprofits dedicated to improving park accessibility. With over $2.5 million in donations, they've helped us all feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled through the beauty of parks. Raise a Flask to the park staff doing the good work!

9. Awenda 8oz Cotton Canvas Gusseted Tote Bag

Sturdy, sleek, & green


This tote tackles whatever you can think to throw its way. Versatile and durable, it’s the sustainable choice that will simplify your life–a great gift for any team member or client. With 12” drop handles, this is built for groceries, park days, gym clothes, work documents, and beach reads. 

10. Unisex Opera Champion Powerblend Kangaroo Sweatshirt

Champion for your Champions


This one can’t be beat–the comfort we’re all looking for in the form of an eco-friendly hoodie. This retail-quality Champion sweatshirt has all the trademarks: the cover-stitching, the famous “C” logo, and the heavy rib knit sleeve cuffs. Champion prioritizes sustainable materials and gives to social causes through audited initiatives. Add your branding and give your team the casual Friday classic they know and love.

Download the Top Ten Gifts for a Wasteless Wishlist guide here.