International Women's Month Celebration #1: Ethical Swag + EDC Canada + WBE Canada



Our CEO Tara Milburn was quoted on the latest issue 5 of WBE Magazine, on the article "Diversifying Supply Chains Takes Commitment and Continued Learning" written by Melanie Travers, Director of Sourcing of Supplier Management at Export Development Canada (EDC). 

EDC has been a client of Ethical Swag for a while and our team has created 'Welcome Kits' to help them onboard new staff working remotely through handpicked sustainable products and carbon-free fulfillment. We've also teamed up with a local organization that supports individuals of varying abilities to assemble these kits, a job that helps them gain vital skills and connection to the community. (More on this coming soon!)

In summary, the buying power of EDC enables us to impact lives through meaningful work and a purpose: connecting companies, brands, clients, employees, students and other stakeholders through products that are good for People & Planet.

Read the full article on issue 5 of WBE Canada Magazine.